About The Author

Hello, my name is Tyler and thank you for stopping by my blog! This blog is a passion project of mine. Writing, video games, and technology are things I love and so I thought I’d combine all three!


In my professional life I work as an office admin who operates as an extension of IT support and performs many data entry tasks while managing other duties around the office. I have an English degree and 3.5 years of experience teaching English in Japan.

My experience in Japan is something I will never forget. I am continuing my education in Japanese and have passed up to the N3 Japanese Language Proficiency exam. Next goal is to pass the N2!


Beyond what I’ve already mentioned as hobbies, I also work on set as part of the sound crew on an indie film team. Working on an indie film crew has really inspired me to build my own projects and create content that people enjoy. Perhaps that’s why I’ve gotten back into this blog which sat without an update for quite a long time.

My Approach to Writing

I want to make fun, engaging, and accurate content. Making quality content takes time and effort. While I will try to publish more often, I want to make certain that what I’m writing about is cited and well-thought-out. For instance, the article I recently published regarding Star Citizen took me days to write. I went through many sources to make sure everything was accurate to the letter. That didn’t keep people from calling me a liar or the article a ‘hit piece’, however, but it did generate a lot of discussions and great feedback.


I am always looking at criticism and learning from it in order to approve. A disagreement over something in an article is appreciated as feedback, but will be taken as an opinion for the most part unless it’s clear the article is wrong. Being willing to correct mistakes is important as a writer, even on a small blog like mine. I want people to know that they can voice their opinions and corrections freely, though accusations of lying even in the smallest form will require extraordinary proof. Again, I vet sources and do thorough research on the topics I talk about on this blog. I may be a small, independent writer, but I still consider reputation and credibility to be important.

What’s Next?

Next is for me to get to work and start writing content! I have many ideas of what I want to write about on this site. Hopefully, they aren’t as boring as this about section that you just read… well, let’s be honest, who really even reads these things in the first place anyways? No need to answer that as I think we already know.

Anyways, thanks again for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your stay!