Review of the Eluktronics HIVE-65 Gaming Mouse and and Large @$$ Mousepad (With Pictures)

This is an in-depth review of the Eluktronics HIVE-65 Gaming Mouse and Large @$$ Mousepad!

Eluktronics HIVE-65 Gaming Mouse – eSports Gaming at an Affordable Price!

Eluktronics HIVE-65 gaming mouse.

The Eluktronics HIVE-65 gaming mouse features a lightweight, honeycomb design. The buttons are nice and big, meaning you’ll never miss a click. The DPI button has 6 different settings from slowest to fastest. In daily use I like to have mine set to the fourth setting, though the third setting will probably work for most people. The first setting is very slow and most likely best when using it for precise aiming in various video games. Ever struggle to hit something standing still with a bow in Skyrim? Well, with the lowest setting you’re good to go!

At a $49.95 price point (usually $64.99) this mouse is an affordable gaming mouse with high DPI settings that will enhance your gaming experience. The paracord ensures that you will not be hindered by the cable.

The Eluktronics HIVE-65 Gaming Mouse is Great for People With Large or Small Hands!

A large hand on the Eluktronics HIVE-65 gaming mouse.

The Eluktronics HIVE-65 gaming mouse is an excellent option for people with large or small hands. I have large hands and have no problems using this mouse. The large buttons means this mouse can be used by people with different hand sizes. My hand covers the entire mouse and is still extremely comfortable to use. This mouse is a good option for anyone considering a gaming mouse on a budget.

The Eluktronics Large @$$ Mouse Pad – WARNING: INCREDIBLY LARGE!

The Eluktronics large mousepad.

The Eluktronics large mousepad is exactly what it says it is: a large mousepad. When I bought the Eluktronics Max-15 bundle off of Amazon I did not realize how massive this mousepad was going to be (take a look at my review of the Eluktronics Max-15 here). It takes up a lot of real estate on my desk, but is overall a very nice, comfy addition to my gaming setup.

The large @$$ mousepad from Eluktronics is currently retailing for $19.95 ($29.99 when not on sale). There’s even a COVID-friendly edition! This mousepad was built with high-DPI gaming mice in mind. It is made of thick cloth and its stitched edges means it won’t peel and will last a long time. When combined with the Eluktronics HIVE-65 gaming mouse I’ve found it to be an amazing experience. The large mousepad means you don’t have to worry about accidentally moving off of the mousepad during intense gaming moments. You can focus on your came worry-free!

The Eluktronics Max-15 on top of the Eluktronics large @$$ mousepad.

This large mousepad is large enough to fit the Eluktronics Max-15 along with other gaming devices and keyboards. The rubber base means it will not move around when in use. However, I would caution against picking it up with electronics or computer nearby. When I did after not having done so in a while the static electricity was off the charts. I could feel the static several inches away.

Disclaimer: Not Resistant Against Chip Crumbs and Pizza Grease.

The large @ss Eluktronics mousepad and case.

Speaking from experience, this mousepad is not crumb nor pizza grease resistant. The packaging of the mousepad is professional and offered a pleasant unboxing experience. When combined with the large @$$ mousepad, HIVE-65 gaming mouse, and covert cans virutal 7.1 gaming headset, the Eluktronics Max-15 bundle on Amazon was well worth the price (note: I do not make a commission off of this link).

Have you purchased anything from Eluktronics? If so, what was it and what do you recommend?

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